Seminar held on May 29, 2014 at Cedar Park Conference Center, Woodmead, Gauteng.


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Gavin Andersson and I have been asked by the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town to teach a class in ethics and macroeconomics.
We are using this invitation as an opportunity to make a case for unbounded organization.
Macroeconomics is a science concerned with inflation, unemployment, inequality, poverty, reconciling growth with equity, and other problems that until now have had no satisfactory solutions in theory or in practice.
The absence of satisfactory solutions is not in our view the fault of any individual researcher or of any school of economic thought. It is inherent in economics (micro and macro) as it has been historically and intellectually constituted. It is inherent in the juridical framework it assumes.
I prepared a series of Power Points for the course hoping they would help pave the way for the negative conclusion that nothing short of an unbounded approach will work; and for the positive conclusion that another science, that of management, is already transitioning toward what we call unbounded organization.
I shared two of the Power Points with colleagues on the list-serve of the Global Political Economy Commission of the International Peace Research Association. They provoked quite a discussion. A colleague in Australia asked to “stay in the class.” A few others sent similar encouragement.
I did not need much encouragement. I have jumped at the chance. All my Cape Town Power Points are here where the entire world can easily find them.
Of course the class is more than Power Points. It also has readings, hand-outs, lectures, discussions, and exercises. We may put more stuff up later.
The last Power Point ends abruptly. However, I think its moral is nevertheless clear, namely: The way things are is not the way things have to be.
Peace and all good,
Howard Richards


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 The concept of UO

Gavin AEvelinndersson gives a brief introduction on the origins of the concept of Unbounded Organization, starting with his childhood on Tristan da Cunha island, continuing with his cooperatives in Botswana, and the Organisation Workshop (OW) of Clodomir de Morais and Iván Labra. Gavin Andersson is the director of the Seriti Institute in the Johannesburg Area, South Africa. This presentation took place in Pretoria/Tshwane, South Africa on 30th May 2013, and was recorded by Evelin Lindner and Justine Richards.

Evelin Lindner did the video recording.

The concept of Unbounded Organisation relates to other concepts as well, see, for example, Transformation by Enlargement, or Unity and Diversity.
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