Kate Philip

Markets on the Margins: Mine Workers, Job Creation and Enterprise Development

By Kate Philip (2018)

This book provides an eyewitness account of South Africa’s unsuccessful efforts to end mass unemployment and mass poverty.  But it is more than an eyewitness account.  It is a participant observer account.  The author is a scholar-activist who has been deeply involved in thinking through the economic rationale, designing and implementing key programmes and projects.   She is equally at home in the Union Buildings in Pretoria, and in remote country villages.

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By Howard Richards

New times call for new ideas.   In a desperate situation, like that of South Africa today, some people may be willing to consider the new ideas that are on offer, going on the lookout for measures that might work.  Others may have their minds already made up; they might be already sure that they know what miracle, if it would only happen, would save South Africa.  read more

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A General Solution to Economic Problems

I refer to the unsolved ones, not to those that are pretty satisfactorily solved already.   I focus on our two acronyms SF1 and SF2, where SF can be read as Staggering Fact or as Structural Fact. In the terminology of John Maynard Keynes SF1 generates a chronic shortfall of the inducement to invest.  Once a society comes to depend on investment-for-the-sake-of-production-for-the-sake-of-sale-for- the- sake-of-profit to meet its needs, investment becomes its drug.   It can never get enough of it.   SF2 generates a chronic insufficiency of effective demand. read more