Learning with Africa

Jacinta Castelo Branco Correia

This article discusses the outcomes of the Organisational Laboratories (known in English as the “Organization Workshop – O.W.”)-method as used in the Chiuta District (Mozambique) Development Program, run under the auspices of the “Norwegian People’s Aid” NGO (NPA). This method has the potential to generate organizational and entrepreneurial capacities on a massive scale while, at the same time, ensuring professional capacitation.




Maaya Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Model of the Festival sur le Niger
By Godelieve Spaas

“This book tells the story of the Festival sur le Niger. The festival, a yearly cultural event held on the Niger river and its banks in Ségou, Mali, combines musical, dance and visual arts. Traditional and contemporary artists perform and exhibit their work for an international audience. Over the years the number of people visiting the festival annually has grown to exceed twenty thousand, many artists have become internationally known
thanks to the festival and many local entrepreneurial activities have matured into companies capable of supporting families and the community”.



An introduction to Activity Theory


An introduction to Activity Theory
Mary van der Riet
University of Kwazulu – South Africa
(transcript R.Carmen – July 2014)

Cultural-historical activity theory, or CHAT, with its roots in Soviet psychology, and Marx and Engels, has emerged as a significant phenomenon in the last few decades. This video introduces the notion of CHAT, locating it historically in the work of Vygotsky, Leont’ev and Engeström. It then develops the notion of activity system analysis based on Engeström’s work. read more


Looking Back to the Future


Conversations on Unbounded Organisation


By Gavin Andersson


It is the year 2024, thirty years after the first democratic elections were held in South Africa. A young development anthropologist researcher meets up with a veteran civil society activist and discusses the nature of development organisations that emerged in the first decade of South Africa’s democratic dispensation. The result is a fascinating reflection on what is, what has been and what could be.



Framing an Introduction


The concept of UNBOUNDED ORGANIZATION grew out of Gavin Andersson´s experience with a now half-century old, surprisingly effective, but still little-known activity called an ORGANIZATION WORKSHOP. The pioneer who created the OW was the Brazilian educator, lawyer, and activist Clodomir Santos de Morais read more


Gavin Andersson on the Origins of the Concept

EvelinGavin Andersson gives a brief introduction on the origins of the concept of Unbounded Organization, starting with his childhood on Tristan da Cunha island, continuing with his cooperatives in Botswana, and the Organisation Workshop (OW) of Clodomir de Morais and Iván Labra. Gavin Andersson is the director of the Seriti Institute in the Johannesburg Area, South Africa. This presentation took place in Pretoria/Tshwane, South Africa on 30th May 2013, and was recorded by Evelin Lindner and Justine Richards.

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